Shareit vs Xender (Infographic)

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Though there are tons of file sharing apps for Android in the market nowadays, there are only two apps which are used by a majority of people. Almost every Android user either uses the Shareit App or the Xender App.

In this article, I will share an infographic with you which will deal with these two apps. I will be comparing both the apps and will give a conclusion of which one is better.


Shareit vs xender infographic


This infographic compares both the apps on two different aspects. The four aspects that we will be talking about are Popularity, User Interface, Features and then a Final Verdict

Play Store Downloads

Shareit app has more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store while the Xender app has around 50 million. This shows that Shareit is more popular than Xender.

User Interface

The UI of both the apps is pretty much the same and you will not face any issue with that. Both of them have nice UI with all important options in the home of the app.


Features of both the apps have been discussed in the infographic. The final result was the both of these apps have some distinguishing features which make it good. Just imagine how amazing an app will be if we combine the features of both these apps.

NOTE: Another query that I get from a lot many people is that how to share Android screen. So the solution for this is to record the screen using any screen recording app like Az Screen Recorder and then send the video file with Shareit.

Final Words

So with this infographic, I bring this post to an end. But before I leave, let me come to a conclusion with this article. So the point of this infographic is that if you are looking to transfer small sized files, you should use Shareit while Xender should be preferred for large sized files.

On comparing the speed of both of them, I found that Shareit is a little bit faster but that again does not make any difference.

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