How To Play PSP Games On Android : Without Root (Exclusive)

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If you are an Android user and always prefer Android over Apple, then one thing is for sure that gaming plays a major role for your affection towards Android. It offers you millions of different options to choose from, and that’s the thing which makes it better than any other smartphone platform.

However, if I step back a few years when the gaming revolution was controlled by PSP and not by Android, there were many games which were just awesome, and no other games can take their place in our hearts. Android games are fun, but the PSP games were something else. The PSP games stand out on every aspect of story to VFX. Android gave it a run for its money, but PSP is not done yet. So, what if I tell you that play PSP games on Android.

I can do something which is going to amaze you. Have you ever tried to play PSP emulator games on Android? Yeah, I’m serious you can play all those cool PSP games in your Android quite easily and that also without going through the hassle of rooting your phone.

For the task, we are going to take help from the App called PPSSPP. It is a typical PSP emulator and the most renowned Android PSP emulator of all. You would get many other Emulators on the internet for the same task but, I have tried PPSSPP and the result was quite convincing so, I would suggest to use PPSSPP any day.

This App is developed by Henrik Rydgard and it is rated 4.2 in Google Play store. Once you install the application, the App will ask you to load a game CSO or ISO file. The App does not include any game files, and you will have to copy the ISO files of the games you want to play manually. This is the best match for those you love to play PSP games. Its supports Android 2.3 and above.

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Lets have a quick look on the salient features that PPSSPP has to offer us –

Features of PPSSPP –

1. Supports both, CSO & ISO files.

2. Better slider controls & combo keys.

3. Easy to use features.

4. Faster ISO handling.

5. Almost no lagging problems.

…and Much More

Some of the best PPSSPP emulator games –

You can download PPSSPP games by checking our below list.

1. Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable.
2. Dragon Ball Z.
3. Little Big Planet.
4. Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator.
5. Final Fantasy – Crisis Core.
6. Final Fantasy – Type-0.
7. Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3- HD Remake.
8. Soul Calibur.
9. Tekken – Dark Resurrection and Tekken.
10. Lord of Arcana.

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