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Do you watch the new and latest movies regularly? If yes, then from now you no need to waste money by purchasing movies in DVD or CD. As now a day almost everyone has internet connection in their smartphones as well as in their PC. Even you need not visit the theatre and then purchase a ticket for watching every movie. Just simply stay in your home and watch your favorite movies for free from some selective legit sites and enjoy watching in HD formats. From now on, no need to get worried about where to download free movies for watching in your PC or mobile.

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Download Free Movies

So, now we will start to talk about the sites with their proper visiting links to download free movies. Downloading of movies from these movies is not so much tough as they provide user friendly interface for efficient use. In some selected sites, you may need to get register for one time. But no need to worry because the registration process is totally free and it will need few minutes to complete the process. After that, you are you are totally free to download any movies from below mentioned sites.

Complete Guide – Where to download free movies?

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Here we will list out 5 best websites from where you can easily able to download the movies in various categories for free. These sites are very safe to download those movies in your PC or even you can download a video player like MX Player on your phone and enjoy. Besides that you can keep any download manager also for availing the fast downloading speed as well. Let’s have a look on these websites for free downloading of movies.

1. WatchMoviesFree.TV:-

Now you have reached the correct place to download any movies for free. Initially, you need to click on the title name where the proper link of the site has been attached. After clicking on this site you will redirect to the site for download movies. That WatchMoviesFree.TV is a very user friendly site from where you can easily able to download any movies for free. If you want to custom search for any movie then go to the search bar and directly download it on your PC. Otherwise, on the main dash screen, you will get the view of all latest movies with the colourful banner in a series. Select your favourite movie and click to download it in HD quality.

Watch Movies Free

Watch Movies Free


Another free movie downloading site is As usual you can download free movies anytime and from anywhere in high definition quality. Besides the movies you can also download the games for your PC also for free. Before downloading the movies you can easily watch the trailer or you watch the whole movie in online also. Visit the site by simply click on the above link which is given on the title name of the site. Click on that link and you will get open the site in your browser directly.

my download tube

my download tube

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One of the best online movie streaming sites is You can stream any movies for free from this site. You need not do any registration for watching movies from this site. Even you can use your download manager to download movies from this site for free. It is directly streaming or plays the movies in the dedicated player only. Moreover, you will not redirect to the hoster for watching or streaming the movies. So without wasting time or spend your money outside for watching movie you can go to this site to watch your favourite movie.

watch sreams

watch sreams


As like the other sites the is also a free movie downloading site. Before using this site you need to know that besides the downloading of movies you can also watch them online. Even you can watch the TV serials also through this site on your PC. So you need not open your TV if you want to watch any serial anytime. This site gives a very high video quality of the movie to download. After opening the site you will get the dashboard of the site with all latest movies to displayed on the main page.

house movie

house movie


Another user recommended site to get movies for free is Sometime you can use the UTorrent also to download the movie from this site. UTorrent is a type of download catcher which can able to download any torrent file in a very high speed. So while download movies from you can get various links and choose your best link to download the movie now. You can also get some direct download link which may sometimes result into slow download also.

movie flixer

movie flixer

These are not the end as there are many other sites present in the internet from which you can do the same also. Hope you all get the idea about the sites for free download movies in your PC, phones, tablets etc. For mobile phone, it is highly recommended to download MX Player and enjoy movies in a better way. The movies are available in various formats so you can choose your best quality according to your need as well. From now no need to waste money by purchasing tickets in movie theatre or by purchasing DVD or CD for watching movies. From these sites, you can easily download any movie for free and enjoy as much you wish.

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