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Vidmate APK 3.24 Download for Android

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Guide for Vidmate APK Download

Vidmate APK Download for PC: Vidmate is among the popular application for an android client and for PC. This App contains 50,000+ active users. Most important is that it’s free to catch, doesn’t apply any survey’s to be completed. Its need is only a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. The future of this app is in safe hands because we see no use of illegal things or some copy-right stuff that from other people should avoid and hurt. It’s UI (User-Interface) is basic and attractive that makes each user of it as simple to use as it is. It’s quick and the best part is that it’s for everyone and makes things smooth. It lets you catch from different servers on the web and it’s free on windows and also for the android users that go with PLAY STORE. So we should cut to the chase and speak much about this App Vidmate:

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Vidmate APK

About Vidmate Apk

Vidmate lets you get things from the servers of YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, daily-motion, Tumblr, Pinterest, Sound-cloud, vines and so much of other good media on any video or website and more worldwide location. Only a click away from you. Thankfully, no doubt and something for an 18+ porn too, with no surf securely or security things. It’s open and takes directly you into it.

With this popular and addictive application, you will get used to it as time passes. A lot is that you can see T.V channel whether it’s on tape or at on live you can watch them directly from this cool application. Popular T.V channels like Channel super, Zee, HD yahoo, H.B.O, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, MBC Action, Space-toon, MBC+, BEIN HD Sport, BEIN Sport 1, 2, 3, Ten-sport etc.etc. You can also view magazines in it with grabbing 200+ magazines in it on different categories like Fashion, Article, and Job and so on.

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Features of Vidmate Apk

Vidmate app has such cool function to take care of. Once you have downloaded it on your phone you will have the option to get any tune and video of your taste. You just need to tap on that save button whether on sound-cloud or any Video/sound website. Or it doesn’t let you use any other 3rd party app that contains the similarities of this app within the other. You can also view Full HD Movie quickly from any cool site, containing all over Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood and in so much of other different selection.

You tap save bar and it will place that downloaded stuff of yours in your phone library with the tool of your different stuffs. Not so much worried about the future Vidmate app will be launching its own site for all users to get not rings not recordings but applications and pictures also. Isn’t Great? Vidmate is progressing like real fast. Who knew this application hits number one position in Android Cloud in next couple of years. Some features include Vidmate downloads stuff with good downloading speed.

  • You can pause, resume and even cancel the downloading thing.
  • You can start, end or restart the video you chose to play.
  • This application can store stuff of 1GB at a time.
  • Supports different formats such as MP4, MPEG, FLV and so much more.
  • However, different downloads can be done.
  • The store will appear on right top corner.
  • This application needs continuously WI-FI or cellular connection to keep up the pace with speed.
  • It will Defragment the usage of your phone and will place it in for more storage.
  • About more than 50,000+ music’s.
  • No shutter’s while playing video.
  • Also you can save video ocean of games.

Steps to Download and Install Vidmate APP on Your Device

After you have downloaded it here is to begin with more:

Note: (You can’t download Vidmate directly from Play-Store; you need to download it from your browser like Opera, Google Chrome or default set Browser to begin).

Vidmate free download

  • Open your browser on your Android Link. Go-to Google and search for VIDMATE APK DOWNLOAD.
  • Open the official website for app, that will be on top of Google search list.
  • Download the latest version of Vidmate apk download. The latest the version has less the bugs. Which means latest version contains improvement and stability increase.
  • Once you’ve to download it, an icon should be placed on your home-screen.
  • Open it and you are good to go. Make sure to read the license agreement, terms, and task etc.
  • You can also subscribe to it which means of their site and join clients on Yahoo or Gmail are ready to get up and notify you news on VIDMATE APP download.

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How to download video from Vidmate

You can download any type of videos from VIDMATE APP download. At the home screen of this application, you can arrange and explore through many sites. Suppose you have URL from a YOU-Tube video and you need to download it. Copy that URL and paste it on the Search bar on top. It will look and will show up in another tab. Once searched you can download or trim the video however even set its PPI.

From 360p to Full 1080p HD. You can also visit other pages to download, for example, Daily-motion, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and Tumblr and proceed with around 18+ as well. Something that parents worry about privacy, well we say that there should be some system or some sort of like parenting thing to get their privacy for their children because there is violence in an app and there are also pornography images, magazines video clips and movies as well, from which children should be avoided.


A lot can be done with working and same goes for downloading, with the help of our search bar the user can get whatever type of video he wants to watch or download for later view. Vimeo, Daily moon, YouTube, Tumblr are best known video download sites, that on one if you can’t find then go to another site; unless they have the application. It gets you at one place where all things are sorted out, so the user can save the data usage and some of his/her money and time as well. The connections from the main server are basically given to you to download things to happen on your Android Device or PC, in this case, may server can be down for a bit.

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Vidmate Review

So daily use with this application is so much fun. But, android clients recently reported on this about having bugs and crash but there isn’t any single complain from a PC user. For PC is pretty good too, thankfully they have launched the PC version too, otherwise, I will still be stuck to android for like decades. However, using Vidmate for PC isn’t that much fun as it comes on android but it still looks pretty.

For PC are available on Linux, Windows and sorry to IOS and Mac users. SAD! It’s fun to be young because this app will never get old not this time. It’s progressing and keeps progressing and will be progressing. In future, it will rule all over other 3rd party apps that are such a waste of storage. Different Companies like the IGN and frostbite says that IT’S A KING OF THE APPS AND WE STILL AND WILL LOVE IT.


So basically, it’s surely a great app but some users aren’t happy with it. Don’t know about if they are on PC, android or IOS they just hate it all. Maybe there are bugs, maybe its UI, maybe it’s too main-stream or maybe it’s illegal which is not. But for us it’s a superb app. Smooth and silky. Vidmate App is still best for us and will always be.

But the sad news is VIDMATE for iPhone aren’t available on the APP-STORE, so if you want to download you have to a jail-break your device or to look for another way such as You-tube downloader, I Downloader, Video-Downloader or MP4 download etc. etc. The new update available for app version is 2.38, in this update they have added a tab button on right top corner where you can see your stuff that is currently downloading or downloaded more they have increased the load up time of app and stability improvements. The major update will be coming shortly after summer in which they will include:

  • Different User-Interface. In this update, the main screen of the app will get a new design a faster and unique one.
  • Change of icon image. It will be like Bizarre for me because the current one is best. Like for Instagram, they have changed the icon image of which almost all people prefer the older one.
  • You will be able to setup Language in 7 different packs. This will be a nice touch because currently, they have got only 12 languages with no Española and protégées etc.
  • You can now play music directly with in an app once it completes it streaming, MOREOVER, you can also view it’s lyrics within the music. It will begin its search automatically and will display the lyrics of your song of yours you are currently listening to.
  • Videos will be supporting 2160p. I mean we have got only 1080p yet and they are straight jumping to Quad HD rapidly.
  • Videos and music now will take less storage in 326kpbs. A huge improvement.
  • Next update will be coming with a greater engine and different development team. Maybe a BRAVIA engine.
  • Soon in near future, they will also be bringing Sync via T.V support on which you can view and live stream on your television to listen to songs or to watch a family movie.
  • Soon it will be also releasing official for all IOS users, and MAC users. Great News but you have to purchase it for a dollar or two. Finally Vidmate for iPhone.
  • You will be able to sync via different devices on Bluetooth or via the cloud to share document, songs, videos, and images etc.
  • Back then it was really slow and shutters a lot but near it will be smooth.
  • A big update! It will be featuring an offline system of which you can stream your songs and videos and take them with you across the circle of life

So, this was only the news we’ve heard on the next official update for the app. hopefully, we believe that they contain some spoiler and some interesting this that the fans are waiting for.

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Pros and Cons:

You can view full HD movies where you can category those with most viewed or most recent ones. You can download these in different quality and PPI. This application called VIDMATE stores in itself a lot of songs, T.V Series, and even videos from Bollywood as well as from Hollywood too. Vidmate active users around 50,000 will shook you up and you will never get tired of it because there is so much to do. You have the opportunity to download top POP musics. It includes with a couple of languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada and this is just the beginning. This application will open its own official website streaming like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Break, NDTV, Daily motion, Metcalfe, Pagalworld, Mp4mobilemovies, and so on.

You also have the opportunity to download cricket world highlights from popular cricket channels like Star Sports, ICC-cricket, ESPN info and more. You also have the chance to view and watch famous TV appears from variety of channels like Star Plus, Colors, Channel V, SAB TV, Sahara One, Sony TV, Star World and Zee TV. With this little progression is made by VIDMATE Team, Vidmate gives you so much more other components like unique download, foundation download and download durability.

Along with these, you see there are different main points for downloading this application for your vidmate for iPhone and use it to download music and other stuff. And on the other hand if you ask for cons, there are some bugs and little more extra feature to charge with-in the application, for example, trying to a premium membership. This application also features a waste variety of icon package, which placed it as a con. But this was it; generally, spice application like Vidmate is the best video downloader application in the world till today.

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