Google Now Launcher Alternatives 2017

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Google Now is the hands-down android launcher that provides you the stock android experience; nothing can come close. Well, it all faded away now, as recent rumors claim that Google recalled its proactive launcher. If it happens, no longer you will get the future updates from the developers, it is going out of the business after its glorious ruling.
Unlike other launchers, it keeps a track on your interest, like which genre videos you watch, what you had searched on Google and integrates with all the Google products. That’s how Google’s first android personal assistant matured out. Alas! It will be no more in the first Q1 of 2017. Don’t bust out your tears, there are tons of android launchers available, after all, it is Android, right? Let’s get into some of the Google Now Launcher alternatives to get stock android experience on any smartphone. Shall we?

Google Now Launcher Alternatives For Android 2017

1. Nova Launcher
Nova is one of the stock Android-based launchers that pushes the boundary if consider customization. It has gesture support; you can configure as per your likings, which Google Now lacks. There is also an inbuilt night mode that enables; you can control the blue light from the smartphone screen and also you can automate this process. If you had some cool Nova launcher themes, then you could give a different touch to your smartphone’s user interface without messing around with custom ROMs.

Nova Launcher
The user interface is simple and stock, but you can customize the way you need by installing the third party icon packs, themes, and wallpapers. Nova Prime packs the punch, you will get tons of gestures, hide apps in the app drawer, cool scroll effects, and unread count badge. A great alternative to Google Now Launcher with way more options.


2. Apex
Apex is a younger brother of Nova, with almost all the options you would find in it. It is not necessarily heavy on the User Interface, but all about the functionality and control over the home screen and the apps menu. It also lets you fit a maximum number of apps on each page, and you can have literally any number of pages as you please. On each page, you can fit 100 apps displayed as a tiny icon which would soon turn into a nightmare for some of you, but a few others might prefer it that way.

Apex launcher
Apex lets you synchronize the several pages containing 20 apps per page, and allows you to get the most out of your mobile system. If you are into fancy themes then perhaps Apex will disappoint you in that department but don’t fret, there are multiple Theme based apps on the Play Store. You can also change the theme around in the app as well.


3. Action Launcher
Action Launcher has been the top grossing launchers of all times. In the latest update, you can theme your search bar using the Quicktheme. Not only that you can also paint your apps & folders using the same color as the background wallpaper. A feature called Covers, allows you to place your most used app on the front of the folder, but you still get to access the folder and its contents right from the home screen.

Action Launcher
The Quickbar allows you to modify the look and appeal of the Google search bar widget floating on your device’s home screen. Also, the Shutters feature allows you to gain access to an app’s widget with a single swipe. It is the coolest launcher to get, also in part because stable versions are frequently released.


4. Buzz Launcher
Buzz Launcher is popular for one thing, its sheer scope and the depth of use. For those of you who have never used it before, this launcher comes with a variety of ‘home packs‘ each of which carries their design and layout, changing the entire look and functionality of your phone.
Buzz Launcher
Since it takes you to the depths and back, you may need to spend some “quality time” swimming through an ocean of themes and see which fits your creative spunk. You need not worry because each of the themes does allow access to your favorite apps menu, so you can’t be lost, can you?
Most of the home packs and the items it contains are pre-ordained, so there is not much that you can change. But, there are several other apps on the Play store that you can download themes from that allow you to make a difference as you wish. Overall, the Buzz Launcher is perfect for those who like having multiple options and do not consider themselves creative enough to create a better wallpaper for themselves.


5. Pixel
Google Pixel Launcher is the launcher that comes with Pixel & Pixel devices. You can now download it as an APK file or sideload it, as per your desire.

The main advantage of getting this launcher is that it is from Google so that the updates will roll right from Google and onto your phone system as an app update. Also, it’s the security thing. Coming from Google makes the Pixel Launcher relatively safer than downloading an unknown APK file of the Internet, so you know it is not going to be a spyware or malware of some kind eating your phone up! Overall, it is a cool launcher to try out, especially if you like the look of Google Pixel phones.


Alternatively, if you need some sort of break from the Android launchers, then you must check some of the Windows Launchers, which you might be interested the same goes for iPhone launchers as well.
Wrapping up,
Google Now, the default android launcher for the most of the smartphone for years going to discontinued within few months. You don’t have to be worried; there are a plethora of launchers out there Google now on steroids. These similar launchers like Google Now might be your next home screen companion. Hope you find some cool Google now launcher alternatives. If yes, show your support by sharing this article with your friends and relatives.

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