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Best Root Apps for Android

Are you are a fan of rooted android devices? Well, I am. And that is the reason I am crazy to find different methods of rooting various phones. There are many ways of rooting mobile phones, for examples, you can root them via PC, or you can also root them via mobile itself.

Now, connecting your phone to a PC and running few commands, might be an effective and sure shot way of rooting your phone. But it has a lot of complications. And on the other hand, rooting a phone directly from the phone itself is very easy and doesn’t require many resources.

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How to root devices from the phone itself?

If you are someone who isn’t much into technology, then this is the first question which would be popping on your mind. How to root devices from phone?

Well, there are certain apps which are called one-click-root apps which help to root your phone.

And in this infographic, I am going to share the list of best one-click-root apps for Android

Best one click root apps for Android

Check out the infographic

One Click Rooting Apps for Android


So from the infographic, we can conclude that there are three best one click root apps for Android

  • Towelroot
  • Framaroot
  • Kingoroot


Towelroot is a not so popular one click root app, which despite being less popular, is the best. Towelroot is a very light weight application which is known to perform its job fast.

Towelroot is able to root most of the popular Android devices available in the market. Download Towelroot apk


Framaroot is another very useful app for rooting android devices with just one click. If towelroot was not a thing, I would be using Framaroot for my tasks.

Framaroot is also compatible with a lot of Android devices in the market. It works with many, and it should also work with you.


Finally the third one in my list if Kingoroot. It is the most popular one click root app and I am sure you have already heard of it. For every time you search for rooting tutorials of a particular device, Kingoroot pops up.

Kingoroot is also a very decent app and works well when it comes to rooting phones with one click.

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