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What would be our routine without the smartphones? The Internet, calculator, instant messaging service, video player, music, camera, entertainment, map, etc. The services offered by cell phones nowadays are countless and there is always room for more novelties an innovation, and the big companies of the sector always seek the best and the most advanced services for their users. Google announced during the Google I/O in 2015 main conference Android Pay, a system that allows payments in physical and online stores quickly, conveniently and safely. Let’s see what is Android Pay? how does it work? what set it apart from other mobile payments? shall we?

What is Android Pay? How does it work? FAQs 2017

How does Android Pay work?

Paying at partner physical stores is very simple: with everything previously set up, what you need to do is unlock your device’s display and bring it closer to one of the Android Pay terminals and wait about five milliseconds for the transaction to pass automatically.


Android Pay

You do not even need to open the app to receive transaction details right after confirmation. Special offers and loyalty programs will appear on device screen in the same way and guaranteed prizes on the outside, such as discount tickets are still valid for purchases on Android Pay.


The Online practicality comes at your fingertips.

In virtual apps purchases, you will no longer have to fill out forms and credit card details. Just select “Buy with Android Pay” (you need to check first if the store provides this option), so that the tool can make a successful transaction. Google has facilitated the tasks not only to consumers but also trade owners and has created a platform to work with any checkout system, easing the burden on developers to not rewrite a whole new platform for e-commerce stores that support Android Pay.

How about security? What if my phone is stolen or lost?

Confirmation of transactions will only be performed from a biometric fingerprint identifier, which ensures the individual and exclusive use of Android Pay from your mobile phone. And in the case of theft, it is easy to manage the situation with safety to avoid more problems in the future.

Simply access the Android Device Manager from a computer, disable the device, and delete all the information contained in it. Alternatively, you can block your device. All this can be done from the comfort of your home or office, quickly and without a hassle.


Can I use Android Pay service on other devices with my personal account?

If you have more than one mobile device, you can sync them by using your Google account. In fact, it is possible to register numerous credit cards (including national and international) or debit cards of various merchants. The guaranteed security offered by the card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, employs a token system and non-disclosure of account.


Which companies accept Android Pay?

Google has published some of the brands that are the first physical and virtual partners of the payment system. Major groups are on the move: McDonald’s, BestBuy, ToysRUs, GameStop, CocaCola, Subway, Staples, etc.

The physical stores to include terminals-

Donkin Donuts, Domino’s, Etsy, Groupon and several other services will also have the platform.


Devices from Android 4.4 and NFC technology equipped will be able to download from Google Play Store.


Integration with Google Handsfree

Triggered by voice command only, Google Handsfree does not require you to hold the device close to the mouth. To use this function, all you have to say is “I would like to pay with Google”. The Android Pay app should automatically recognize the order. It will be responsible for processing the payment promptly.


More about Android Pay functions

To enable Android Pay, the company updated API version. This adds a number of additional features to the app. One of the newly built function is the “Payment Request,” which communicates quickly with Chrome. It also allows the Internet users to skip several steps in order to make their purchases. No need to fill out those boring personal information ever again! Android Pay will do the rest.

Business owners can take the advantage of “Save to Android Pay”. Furthermore, this makes it much easier for them to create loyalty programs or advantages for their loyal consumers. Likewise, this offers more comfort instead of bothering them with bureaucratic processes.

Although other tools are already available, Android Pay ensures the utmost protection. Soon enough, all major stores and institutions will begin to accept this service. As a result, people with Android phones will find the flexibility that Android service truly brings. Especially relevant fact which makes Android as the most widely used platform also states that Android Pay can be used anywhere in the world.


Download Android Pay

Android Pay
Android Pay

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